LifesFun's 101

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates


I'm a young information security professional who enjoys tough problems to solve and new challenges to take on. I have graduated from college with Information Security Degree and have always been fascinated with this area of Information Technology. In the past I have been on the defensive side of security, working in a Security Operations Center as a Security Analyst.

Inspiration for this blog came from a long but fun journey of obtaining OSCP certificate. Once I glimpsed into the defensive spectrum of cybersecurity, I always wanted to know what the other side was like. Throughout the journey I had to read, google a lot and try harder and smarter. I stumbled upon other people's books, blogs, posts and articles but I was not able to find one centralized resource for all my needs. As a result I decided to make my own.

I really hope my contributions on this blog will help others along the way and save them quite some time as well.